How Amparo will Protect You

heart.png   Legal Health Check

Amparo provides a free ‘Legal Health Check’. Once you have completed a brief questionnaire, or made a simple call to one of our friendly legal professionals, you will receive a report which gives you a clean bill of legal health and where you might potentially stumble across an issue or two. The report includes help and guidance on taking the next steps to iron out these issues.

   Legal Expenses Insurance

We have gone the extra mile. Not only will you be receiving first class legal advice, you will also get  'Before-The-Event' Legal Expenses Insurance. So, say for example you have a dispute with your landlord. Ordinarily, if a Solicitor is required, you would have to pay a lot of money for their services. Not with Amparo. In this instance, the insurance policy would kick in and pay for your legal expenses.

   A Legal Advice Service not a Call Centre

Amparo is a legal advice service with experienced legal professionals at the end of a phone 24/7. We care about the advice we give and we ensure it is always of the highest possible standard.

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