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Amparo offers a protective solution for everyone.

Becoming an Amparo Member affords you and your family access to a 24/7 Legal Advice Helpline AND Discounted Legal Services

We care about each and every one of our members, ensuring we work with the best to bring you specialist advice, when YOU need it

It might be an exciting time in your life, you could be buying a new home or starting a family, or unfortunately it could be some personal problems which could be causing you stress. Whether it's on a positive or negative note, it is reassuring to know you have an experienced and trustworthy professional on the other end of  the phone, day and night. 

Amparo Membership Schemes start from just £9.99 per person per annum

Case Studies
I’m moving home next month. What should I be thinking about?


My wife won’t let me see my son
My wife and I are going through a divorce. Do I need a lawyer or can we use mediation if it’s amicable?
My mother is going into a nursing home. Do I need to have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place?
My mother is elderly. What are the consequences of her not writing a Will?
The UK has seen a 42% leap in people representing themselves in family law proceedings after being refused legal ai… https://t.co/eaiZQFiDVj
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